How To Care For Marble?

Marble is an elegant, natural material that creates a truly unique aesthetic across a range of King Living designs. No two marble pieces are the same, which makes every piece of furniture as individual as you. 

One of the beautiful aspects of marble is that it develops its own variation in colour and tone over time. To protect this stunning surface from scratches and moisture damage we recommend using coasters and felt mats. You can also have the surface professionally sealed for long term protection. 

 A delicate approach to caring for this natural, porous material is required. Regularly clean the surface with a warm damp cloth, then wipe dry. 

Wipe away spills immediately to avoid penetration of the surface and, if necessary, use a mix of water and mild soap to clean, then wipe dry.  Do not saturate the surface.

Marble can be damaged by products with acidic properties such as juices, detergents and corrosive liquids. Avoid contact with these types of substances as they can dull or stain the stone surface, and destroy the sealant.

For further advice please contact King-Care® on 0800-546422 (0800-KINGCARE) or email