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  • When everything is at your fingertips, unwinding on the sofa is much more enjoyable. Easy to reach drinks, somewhere close to safely charge your mobile phone, and a handy storage space for your favourite book or the remote control - convenience certainly helps ease the pressure of a busy life. 

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  • We caught up with Sarah Remaili, Director of Sydney's SR House of Design. Sarah’s recent project was an intriguing and unique architectural gem, that was built in the early 1970s in East Killara in Sydney's northern suburbs. So intriguing that it had no right angled walls in the entire construction of the house, consisting of only splayed and curved walls.

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  • Every living room is different - from shape, to size and style. Finding that perfect sofa to match your living space and individual design style may now be a little easier, with the launch of the King Boulevard. 

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  • King Living recently invited Jason Grant, interior stylist, author and creative consultant to create a living room that celebrates his signature relaxed Australian design aesthetic using the award-winning Jasper sofa with complementary furniture and accessories.

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  • King Living have transferred their expertise on crafting exceedingly comfortable indoor furniture – to their wide-ranging King Outdoor Collection. We asked the King Living Design Team to share their tips on choosing the perfect outdoor setting.

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