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  • The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the arrival of friends and family. Whether they stay one night or a week, finding a comfortable place for them to sleep – as well as having a little personal space - can be a challenge in small houses and apartments. 

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  • Milan’s leading furniture designer FORMER has launched its new collection available exclusively through King Living. Featuring exquisite glass and timber tables, contemporary sideboards and versatile wall systems, the new FORMER range is seriously sophisticated.

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  • There is a lot of smart living going on in homes today – online chatting and shopping, watching catch up TV, curling up with an e-reader and social media browsing – we all do it to some degree, and often while we’re relaxing on the sofa.

    So just how smart is our latest sofa design, Felix? Designed for unprecedented comfort and flexibility, Felix is the ultimate sofa for those who enjoy all the convenience of technology but also want to have a place to unwind, and hide the clutter when needed. 

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  • Introducing an accent chair to a room is an effortless way to add personality to a space. A chair for one, it can be anything you want it to be – from a cosy reading nook in the bedroom to an elegantly positioned statement piece in a living area.  Make your mark with a bold colour or pattern that complements the theme of a room.

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  • As your lifestyle changes and the home dynamics alter, a sofa you can take on the journey is a rare and welcome luxury.  The popular and award-winning Jasper from King Living includes an arrangement of platforms and shelves that can be moved around to suit a wide range of seating, lounging and sleeping preferences.

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