Helix Dining Set

Nothing suggests the building blocks of life more effectively than the double helix shape. It’s this light, ribboned design that underpins the breathtaking Helix Dining Table.

The crystal glass top, supported by white resin ribbons, challenges the idea of gravity and demonstrates the power of lightness.

Available in a barrel shape or rectangular shape, the tempered crystal glass top is either transparent or extra-light transparent to reveal the beauty of the sculpted legs beneath.

The Helix Dining Table is designed to match perfectly with the Plana Chairs’ soft clean lines.

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Product Details

Designed in Italy by Ricardo Bello Dias and available in Australia exclusively through King Living, the Helix Dining Table by Former depicts a union between nature and technology. Practical as well as beautiful, this elegant, modern table comes in a range of sizes to seat from four to 10 people in comfort.

No other tables and chairs have the same strong visual impact and comfortable aspect as the Helix Dining Table and Plana Chairs.

The legs are made from white resin in a composite material while the tempered crystal glass top is strong and durable.

The Helix Dining Table is available in two widths and the tabletop comes in barrel or rectangular shapes.


  • Ultra-modern, yet enduringly elegant design makes the Helix Dining Table the perfect statement piece for your dining room.
  • Perfectly paired with Plana Chairs, the Helix Dining Table seats up to 10 guests in comfort and style.
  • Available in two widths: 2400mm and 3000mm wide.
  • The ribboned legs evoke a sensual movement that softens the otherwise bold lines.

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