Tratto Bed

The Tratto Bed offers a simple, slimline silhouette that appears to float above the floor as a result of the clever placement of its legs.

The low-line design is unobtrusive, with close examination revealing the high-quality workmanship and eye for detail common to King Living beds.

Upholstered in your choice of soft, premium fabrics, the Tratto Bed is simple enough to complement any décor and sophisticated enough to impress any guest.

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Product Details

From queen beds to a sumptuous king, the Tratto Bed prioritises comfort and conveys soft luxury through its upholstered frame and bedhead.

Available in a range of fabrics, you can choose the colour that suits your interior or bed linen for a coordinated look.


  • Unique design makes the Tratto Bed appear to float above the floor, leaving plenty of room to vacuum underneath.
  • Softly upholstered frame and bedhead create an inviting look.
  • Quality manufacturing delivers a strong base so you can choose the mattress that’s right for you.

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