ReoGrand Sofa Bed

ReoGrand Sofa Bed

Luxurious design, absolute comfort

ReoGrand Sofa Bed

The ReoGrand Sofa Bed is the ultimate blend of contemporary design, functionality and comfort. The Sofa Bed design and 15-stage adjustable headrest complimented by the streamlined aesthetic and deep-seated comfort create this beautifully versatile sofa.   

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Bold design with streamlined detailing

A superior choice in sofa beds, ReoGrand is designed with wide, comfortable seats with a narrow arm to maximise seating and sleeping space in a minimal footprint. The ReoGrand Sofa Bed system allows you to easily return the bed to a comfortable sofa position in seconds, arranging rooms to order quickly when visitors come and go.The ReoGrand is well suited to many spaces, be it in a spare room, studio or small apartment. ReoGrand brings exceptional comfort whether you're sitting on the sofa or entertaining overnight guests.


  • Available in a range of premium fabrics and luxurious European leathers. 
  • Adjustable headrests provide extra support.
  • Integrated Smart Pockets™ are perfect for magazines and TV remote or add Smart Pocket accessories like LED lamp and swivel table.
  • Postureflex® Seating System. 
  • The steel frame comes with King Living’s famous 25-year warranty.

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Quality & Innovation

King Living is famous for quality. That’s because King Living uses nothing but the best materials and technology to create the designs that were developed by King Living’s Australian in-house designers.

  • Steel Frame

    Not all steel frames are the same. The King Living steel frame uses high grade steel that is precision cut for accuracy and welded. Spot welds are applied to key stress and weight-bearing areas for additional strength. It’s the steel frame that gives King Living sofas their renowned flexibility, even letting you configure them into beds. The King Living steel frame comes with a 25-year warranty.

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  • Tailored Covers

    Since 1977 King Living have created covers that are perfectly tailored for the sofa or chair. King Living does not use any staples, so the covers are completely removable. Replace them for a change in look or remove them for easy cleaning.

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  • Warranty

    King Living creates high quality furniture with durable materials. Our attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship means we can offer our customers ongoing peace of mind. For example, we offer a 25-year warranty on all our steel frames.

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