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The Room Project by Kate Waterhouse

10 January 2017 - Inspiration

The Hamptons - a popular seaside getaway for New York holiday makers – is also a popular styling trend embraced by Australian design hunters wanting a chic beachside interior for their coastal homes.

In the latest edition of The Room Project, King Living invited celebrity fashion and lifestyle blogger, Kate Waterhouse, to recreate her signature look using the King Living Plaza sofa matched to her favourite interior style - classic Hamptons. The Hamptons look exudes a sense of relaxed elegance, transporting you to the beachfront while you sit back and relax.

When designing a living space, most importantly the room needs to reflect your personality. In this interpretation of The Room Project, Kate injected her personal fashion style and racing heritage with key accessories including fashion coffee table books and a beautiful horse portrait.

Fresh and light, Kate stayed true to the Hamptons style with white walls, timber flooring and the Palm Beach Whitewash fabric, a neutral soft linen, to ‘dress’ the Plaza sofa and classic Miss  glass coffee table.

Reflecting the look and feel of the ocean, Kate combined accents of soft blue and pink with cushions and a stunning Seymour occasional chair. Bringing the outdoors in, the room was accented with striking plants and floral displays.

Perfect for Hampton’s style living, the Plaza sofa sits lightly on elegant, tapered legs with luxurious deep seating in soft, feather and Ultradown back cushions. The ultimate in comfort and style, this contemporary design is flexible and modular with interchangeable backs that can be moved around to create an infinite number of configurations – catering to different spaces, entertaining or seating needs. 

Watch the behind the scenes video 

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