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27 October 2015 - Design We Love

Milan’s leading furniture designer FORMER has launched its new collection available exclusively through King Living. Featuring exquisite glass and timber tables, contemporary sideboards and versatile wall systems, the new FORMER range is seriously sophisticated.


Taking inspiration from the modernist architecture of the 1950s, namely the designs of German-American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the FORMER Farnsworth Coffee Table range captures perfectly the lines and natural textures that defined this period and iconic style.


The collection has been specifically designed to suit both the home and the office, showcasing FORMER’s signature artisan knowledge and technological precision. Each piece offers a selection of finishes to choose from, as well as variations in sizes and styles.

The FORMER Set System Wall Unit for example, offers endless storage solutions which can begin as a modest library but expand to an impressive configuration of doors, flaps and sliding doors.


The FORMER range is exclusive to King Living and includes shelving, sideboards and night stands, dining and coffee tables as well as custom wall units. For more information please contact us or visit our King Living Auckland Showroom.

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