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The Gift of Storage

04 August 2015 - Design We Love

No matter how much time we spend de-cluttering and tidying the home, it’s true that you can never have too much storage. You may find your linen cupboards, wardrobes and spare rooms are bursting, and aren’t always the most practical location for the things we need to access regularly.

Our designers have considered how to maximise storage space in the home without compromising on interior aesthetics.  

The Delta Storage takes one of King Living’s most popular sofa designs and adds discreet and generous compartments under the seating to keep throws, magazines, toys and even the ironing board or vacuum cleaner within easy reach. 

Living areas stay tidy and stored items stay fresh and dust-free in these ventilated storage spaces.  

Seat cushions can be lifted easily with one single-handed motion, thanks to the same sort of pneumatics used to open car hatchbacks. And the sofa remains versatile to reconfigure for different rooms or occasions, including converting to a bed for overnight guests. 

Bedrooms are another zone where bulky items such as quilts, blankets, pillows and seasonal clothing need to be accommodated. Beautifully designed with flexible features, our Serenade Storage Bed is the storage solution for elegant spaces.


The large, ventilated compartment underneath the bed’s mattress platform is accessed with a simple lift motion that can raise the bed horizontally. This means the entire base is usable space, with items easily retrieved from any angle around the perimeter of the bed.  And just imagine how much easier it is to make when the bed is elevated.

Furniture with built-in storage also maximises a home’s floor space, reducing the need for additional cupboards or wardrobes that can impact the aesthetics and flow of a room.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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