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Take a Seat with Kate Waterhouse

24 January 2017 - Inspiration

We caught up with celebrity fashion and lifestyle blogger Kate Waterhouse to find out about her signature style, top styling tips and the inspiration behind The Room Project by Kate Waterhouse.

How would you describe the design look and feel you’ve created?

Simple, sleek and sophisticated while remaining homely and comfortable. I mixed contemporary and classic items into my look for a more personal feel. 

What was your inspiration?

When I style a room, I start with the sofa as it is the main focal point within the room. The sofa is where your family comes together and spends hours of quality time together so it’s such an important aspect of the room. I like something that is comfortable but also stylish. I love neutral tones and soft colours combined with a bold and sleek design. The most important thing for me is that all the interiors work harmoniously together. I like statement artworks and gold touches within the room. I choose the gold bowls by Tom Dixon because they bring out a lot of the other colours in the room without being overpowering. Also, the addition of fresh feminine florals makes any space feel homelier.

Describe your signature style and how you incorporate this into your home interior? 

When it comes to fashion I love classic pieces that won’t go out of date after one season. When it comes to my home I am the same, I prefer timeless pieces which will be in my home for years to come. I’m one who opts for coffee table books instead of magazines as I love to sit down and enjoy the room while flipping through the gorgeous books which I have acquired over many years. 

What is your favourite King Living design and why?

I love the Plaza sofa. It is everything I would want in a sofa. It is sleek and stylish but also I have two kids so comfort and practicality are also key. The Plaza sofa is functional enough that it is ideal place for our family of four to put our feet up and read bedtime stories cuddled in together. It’s also the perfect setting for entertaining my friends with champagne and a cheese platter.

What is your 'must have' interior styling accessory?

I can’t go past an amazing standalone artwork. Here I’ve chosen an artwork by Nick Leary from his wild brumbies series. I love black and white photography and I feel this piece adds another dimension to the room. Artwork is really, one of the things that make a lasting impression for me so it would be the top of my ‘must have’ list. 

What’s your top styling tip?

For me less is more as you don’t want to look over cluttered. I love beautiful coffee table books, some of my favourites include Grace, Tom Ford, Vogue, Kate and Chanel. My home also has beautiful Diptyque scented candles burning. I love plants in a room, including fiddle leaf fig in wicker baskets and I adore fresh flowers. White potted orchids, white roses, peonies and blue hydrangeas are my favourite flowers. Fresh flowers look beautiful but they also add a natural fragrance to the room as soon as you walk in. I have always loved blue Chinese ceramic vases, adding them to the room created quite a striking look with a crossover of modern and classic crossing over. A few statement pieces work well when you are trying to work the simple look. The simplest of ideas such as a bowl of lemons works perfectly for some natural decoration too. 

What are your favourite interior trends for 2017 and what will you be incorporating into your home?

I think we are seeing more confidence in mixing things up. Trends are being blended to meet each person’s individual style. I love a little bit of modern vibe mixed with a little bit of a Hampton's beachy feel. Also, when it’s a new year, I love to start fresh so I love to invest in quality bed lined and towels, which always gives your home a new and fresh feel. 

If you could interview anybody for Date with Kate, dead or alive who would it be and why? 

That’s a hard one! But I would love to interview someone like Marilyn Monroe. Such a beauty icon with a fascinating life. 

What fashion trends will you be investing in for 2017? 

Loafers are still on the top of my list; they are perfect for dressing up or down. 

Do you think fashion trends influence interiors?

Yes, and I think personal fashion taste definitely influences your personal interior style. I believe your home should be an extension of you. 

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