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Simple ways to express your style

27 October 2015 - Design

While a King Living sofa provides a truly comfortable place for you to lounge, cushions add an extra element and personalise the room. Decorating with cushions is a simple and cost-effective way to update your interiors seasonally and reflect current trends. 

Our resident trends expert, Triana Odone, recommends cushions as the perfect accessory to create a cohesive look to your room, enhancing the style and comfort of your sofa. 

“A sofa is all about relaxing, with cushions added for comfort and to reflect your own unique style.  It’s important that you don’t layer the sofa with too many cushions leaving little room to sit,” advises Triana. “When styling a bed with cushions and throws, consider not only the the look but also the storage of the accessories when not being displayed. A bed with built-in storage, like the Serenade Bed, is a perfect solution.”


The King Living approach to styling is minimalistic, with the sofa the focal point of the living space.  Patterns, textures and cushions in varying sizes to achieve a unique look that expresses your style vision for the room.

To ensure you have access to the latest in luxe fabrics and on-trend styling options, Triana travels internationally identifying emerging trends and sourcing and developing new fabrics and leathers. This presents the opportunity to select your covers, from an extensive range of materials and create your own individual sofa. 

“When sourcing we look for quality and durable fabrics ,” says Triana. “We prefer fabrics that are beautifully tactile, combining different textures and patterns to create a style story.”

“Luxurious, soft to touch fabrics are very on trend and a popular colour palette has been shades of blue from aquamarine to denim to petrol blue.”

“Warm, earthy tones in delicious colours such as caramel, toffee and malt are also a strong trend. King Living has added many of these colours to its premium leather collections in contemporary shades.” 


To easily style a sofa Triana recommends layering cushions in similar tones from light to dark. Sofas upholstered in warm shades look best accessorised with warm cushion colours in plain or pattern. For example, on a chocolate brown sofa you could feature olive, copper, mustard or cream cushions. Sofas in cool coloured fabrics, such as grey and white, look stunning with the addition of cushions in matching cool tones, particularly blue, silver and teal.


Alternatively, contrasting colours from the colour spectrum will make a bold statement and add vibrancy to your room. Geometric patterned fabrics and textural fabrics like boucle, crushed velvet and chenille add interest and variety to your room.

King Living has a vast range of cushions in a variety of shapes and sizes, ready to customise with premium fabrics and luxurious leathers to get the look you want. You can also order fabric and leather swatches online to help make your styling decisions a little easier. Click Here to order a swatch or visit your nearest King Living Auckland Showroom today.

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