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Make a statement with an occasional chair

18 October 2015 - Design We Love


Introducing an accent chair to a room is an effortless way to add personality to a space. A chair for one, it can be anything you want it to be – from a cosy reading nook in the bedroom to an elegantly positioned statement piece in a living area.  Make your mark with a bold colour or pattern that complements the theme of a room. 

With soft curves, exceptional comfort and a timeless design, our new Oliver Tub Chair is the perfect accessory, blending seamlessly with all interior styles.

Compact and cosy, the Oliver Tub Chair is the just the right size for a bedroom or study area. Relax in the snug design as you enjoy the morning sun, or create a luxe hotel suite feel in a guest room. Even the smallest spaces, such as walk-in-robes, can be made to feel more indulgent with an occasional chair like Oliver. 

When styling the living area, choose a finishing look from King Living’s extensive range of premium fabrics or luxurious leathers for a truly bespoke piece of furniture. Personalise the Oliver Tub Chair by highlighting a colour already featured in the room, or introduce a new texture to add another dimension.

Executive spaces can also benefit from the compact shape of the Oliver Tub Chair, creating a welcoming reception area or stylish office.

Exceptionally comfortable, Oliver’s versatile design enables SmartPockets™ to be added to position a lamp and swivel table - transforming this armchair into a reader’s retreat. 

King Living’s Postureflex® Seating System and a 25 Year Steel Frame Warranty also provide you with a guarantee of long lasting comfort and performance. 


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