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How to transform a living room into a guest room

18 December 2015 - Design We Love

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the arrival of friends and family. Whether they stay one night or a week, finding a comfortable place for them to sleep – as well as having a little personal space - can be a challenge in small houses and apartments. 

Designing solutions with style for every home is a King Living specialty.  The new Felix Studio Bed is the latest design that transforms from sofa to a generous sized bed in no time, without the comfort and aesthetic compromise sometimes associated with traditional sofa beds. The extensive range of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers ensures that the Felix Studio Bed can be customised to suit any room. 

The Felix Studio Bed maximises the available area in a spare room, study or living room, to create a sense of spaciousness. When guests are ready for bed, they simply swipe a button to activate the effortless TouchGlide™ Technology, and watch as the sofa transitions from a lounge to a sleep position. 

Built on King Living’s engineered steel frame and designed to provide exceptional comfort, the Felix Studio Bed has a low slimline design and deep seats with tufted seat cushions, inviting guests to drift off to sleep. 

For extra convenience, the addition of SmartPockets™ make the Felix Studio Bed even more

flexible, with the ability to add accessories such as lamps and swivel tables. Relax in comfort with drinks, smart devices and books at arm’s length. The SmartPockets™ are also great for managing clutter and keeping remote controls, cables and magazines in a dedicated and discreet location. 

Discover the full Metro Range of sofa solutions for apartments and smaller homes, including the Delta Metro and the Jasper Metro designs by visiting your nearest King Living Showroom.

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