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How to choose the perfect outdoor setting

13 November 2015 - Design

King Living have transferred their expertise on crafting exceedingly comfortable indoor furniture – to their wide-ranging King Outdoor Collection. We asked the King Living Design Team to share their tips on choosing the perfect outdoor setting.

What are the most important things when choosing outdoor furniture?

It’s really a combination of things that helps with decision making when selecting which range is the best for the customer. All our products have been designed to offer space, comfort and practicality so the final decision is generally made on what options are more important to you.

What options should you consider when selecting outdoor furniture?

Everyone has different needs in their outdoor space, some people have small courtyards or balconies others have large poolside areas, what is really important is choosing a product that will not only offer exceptional comfort but work in the space that’s available. This means the first thing you should consider are the modules that make up the system.

Our King Outdoor range has been developed to offer the same modular flexibility that our customers enjoy indoors. This means that even small spaces can be transformed into a comfortable and luxurious oasis.

Other than space requirements, what other features are important?

In addition to space requirements, we see lifestyle as an essential consideration. Products like Delta Outdoor offer useful under-seat storage areas perfect for stowing pool toys and towels, whilst other products offer a lot of accessories or can be easily reconfigured to form different seating options.

Clever design features like magnetic connectors, UV resistant rattan and powder coated steel frames are all essential ingredients too. They all help provide a hassle free and long lasting finished product.

Most importantly however, is the need for comfort. So many products fall short on comfort so we have worked to ensure that our King Outdoor range offers all the comfort our customers expect.

We want to create furniture that helps to draw you outdoors and use your outdoor spaces and furniture more. For example Jasper Outdoor utilises some very sophisticated materials including memory foam and King Cell springs – there’s a lot of elements being put to use to allow for ultra comfort.

You can view the full King Outdoor Collection, Click Here. Alternatively, contact our Auckland Showroom to talk to our team about which King Outdoor solution is right for you.

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