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Furniture just got smarter

20 October 2015 - Design We Love

There is a lot of smart living going on in homes today – online chatting and shopping, watching catch up TV, curling up with an e-reader and social media browsing – we all do it to some degree, and often while we’re relaxing on the sofa.

So just how smart is our latest sofa design, Felix?  Designed for unprecedented comfort and flexibility, Felix is the ultimate sofa for those who enjoy all the convenience of technology but also want to have a place to unwind, and hide the clutter when needed. 


The new Felix sofa from King Living also has a few technology tricks of its own. A smart design by our in-house Design Team, Felix has the option to be integrated with electronic controls to deliver furniture in motion. Sink into luxuriously deep cushions, then extend the chaise or seating sections using integrated TouchGlide® Technology  controls. The seating and chaise can retract back into a flush position with the sofa arm to maximise living space when not in use.


This truly unique design can also offer Smart Pocket™ on the arms and backs for convenient storage of magazines, remote controls or electronic devices – or to add accessories such as reading lamps and swivel tables to make lounging and relaxing even easier.  It’s just the beginning of how we are taking furniture design to a new level.


Felix is built on a foundation of King Living’s famous steel frames and features the Postureflex® Seating System for strength, support and enduring comfort. Available in a choice of bespoke finishes from our vast selection of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers, Felix is set to become the most popular member of any home.

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