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Four Decades of Design Excellence

19 July 2017 -

Since the company was established in 1977, design, innovation and comfort, has been the foundation of King Living’s achievements. Four decades later and King Living is still a family owned and run Australian company, proud of its past and excited about its future.

From humble beginnings at a stall in Sydney’s Paddy’s Market, King Living has become Australia’s most awarded furniture company, with 17 stores, employing some 600 staff. Nowadays, King Living furniture is enjoyed by people right across the globe, appearing everywhere from historic country homes, to urban studio apartments.

Even in the early days, King Living always strived for the very best design solution. Company founder, David King spent hours on research and development, disassembling discarded chairs and sofas from other manufacturers, to see how they could be improved. After finding poor-quality timber frames within, he reasoned that our domestic furniture should utilize a welded-steel frame, similar to that found in the seats of the world’s greatest motor vehicles

The advent of the engineered steel frame (1979) and the patented Postureflex Seating System in 1987, were major milestones - not just for King Living - but for industrial design. Because of these innovations in durability and comfort, every King Living sofa frame is backed by a 25-year warranty.

Over the years, King Living has fostered the evolution of the sofa, from a heavy piece of fixed furniture to a highly flexible system for contemporary lifestyles.  

All King Living furniture is created by a team of in-house designers, based in Sydney, Australia.

Many of the company’s sofas have gone on to become icons of local and international design. For example, the Jasper, introduced in 2003 has won multiple awards for its clean lines and adaptability, and in 2013, the Neo modular sofa was awarded the nation’s top prize – Australian Furniture of the Year, Best of the Best.

Innovation has always been at the heart of King Living, and this has manifested with the launch in 2015, of Integrated touchglide® technology, offering customers effortless personal comfort.

In the same year, King Living embarked on expanding internationally with new showroom openings in New Zealand and Singapore. Meanwhile, existing showrooms in Australia are constantly being upgraded with the latest technology to make shopping for furniture even easier.  

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