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A new look is easy with King Living

19 October 2015 - Inspiration

A little known fact is that King Living retains the patterns for every single sofa design, even when it goes out of production.  So, if you change your interior styling – or move home and want a fresh look – re-upholstering is simple.

From soft and luxurious leather, a bright linen or textured wool felt, changing the sofa covers is an effective way to update and evolve your home.

Find fabric inspiration for your new sofa look from magazines, fashion catwalks, home design programs or simply the paint colour on your wall. Or browse, touch and compare hundreds of swatches in our very own King Living Auckland Showroom.


Our designers and stylists travel and research extensively to ensure the exciting and unique textiles available at King living include colours, textures and patterns that are ahead of the trends.

Emerging looks include:

  • Luxurious and tactile fabrics
  • Soft panelling, piping and tufting
  • Vibrant blues and greens.

To create a truly unique statement, King Living has developed a striking peacock blue matte velvet, that is ideal for a stand-alone piece such as the Seymour mid-chair by Charles Wilson.

Hexagonal patterns, such as King Living’s Cocoon Fabric, tan leathers like our Casalina walnut or the softness of the Oxford Fabric are all part of the vast upholstery collection – and all on-trend.


For a simple change with big impact, introduce new colour and style trends to the home with new scatter cushions. Layer a collection of cushions in colours and patterns that complement each other, and combine different textures for added visual interest.


Whether it’s a totally new look or styling with accessories, embrace the fabric that truly reflects you – bright, patterned or textured. The upholstery you choose will give your home a unique look and a real sense of individual style. King Living has thousands of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers, to create a bespoke finish for your living space.

Visit the King Living Auckland Showroom to explore the possibilities.

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