Havana Cushion

The Havana Cushion’s soft feel and structured look combine to make it one of the most versatile sofa cushions around. 

Use it as a stylish accessory during the day, then slip on a pillowcase and use it as a pillow for overnight guests. 

The Havana Cushion is available in a broad range of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers. Mix and match it with other King Living accessories to create a look that is unmistakably yours.

The Havana Cushion measures 63cm x 39cm.

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Product Details

The Havana Cushion measures 63cm x 39cm, making it small enough to fit into a standard pillowcase and minimise the space taken up on your sofa. It is comfortable enough to sleep on all night, or just for a daytime snooze. Havana delivers support while sitting and comfort when lying down, demonstrating flexibility whatever the occasion.

Choose from an extensive range of fabrics or leathers, with patterns and prints available to suit your décor.


  • The rectangular shape will complement any sofa. 
  • Endless premium fabric and luxurious leather options let you mix it up or match your décor easily.
  • King Living quality means you know these affordable cushions will last.

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